At its core, business credit is similar to personal credit—it represents your business’s ability to borrow money from authorized lenders or vendors, based on its past actions. Business credit, however, is linked to the business entity with a separate tax ID number. Once you establish business credit, a change in your personal credit histories such as a foreclosure or late payments won’t affect your business credit (and vice versa). By the same token, your personal credit profiles won’t be affected only if it’s not linked to your personal credit by your social security number or via a personal guarantee. In fact, business credit does not have the level of protection from the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) like that of personal credit and business credit has very little protection coverage at all. So, even if it’s not a big deal now, someday you’ll thank yourself for separating your personal and business finances. This could also mean that any problems  will go on your personal credit reports – making it more difficult to borrow for important purchases like a home or automobile. We challenge you to allow our company to help you set up your business credit profile accurately and legitimately; then, Put An End To Personal Guarantees! Enjoy Security, Peace Of Mind, And Confidence Of Knowing That… Your Business Has All the Cash Lines Of Credit To Finance The Launch, Operation, And Growth Of Your Business!

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We offer several robust packages and each package is custom designed to handle the compliance, financial and legitimate procedures required for optimizing your credit reports and scores in less time as possible. To get results which speak for themselves, we provide services in-lined with:
• Detailed and precise analysis of your credit reports
• Identifying problem areas and ambiguities
• Custom made credit optimization tips & techniques to suit each individual case
• Transparency in dispute communications with clients, credit bureaus, creditors and debt collectors

200% Satisfaction Guarantee-“We Stand Firm With Our Services”

We use various legitimate methods to create a tailor-made plan of action specifically for each individual need assessment which leads to turning your credit profile into a Tier 1 level; whereby,   it is our objective to assist you in getting your negative items going into a positive direction. By law, we are not allowed to guarantee any specific results. We are confident that you will be pleased with our services; for this reason, we offer you a promise. Our 200% Satisfaction Guarantee clearly states that if your credit report and scores have not improved in any beneficial form within 60 days from the time we receive your credit report and audit it for dispute submissions; then, you are entitled to request a refund for the last month of service after 60-days of joining with us. No Questions Asked.

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Service 1

Credit Report Analysis-“Audit”

We conduct a review of your credit reports to help you determine your credit worthiness and financial status. All consultations over (20) minutes that does not result in a new case /client relationship will incur the fees listed below. This helps us to conclude the best Call-to-Action plan for your specific case.
Consultations up to 25 minutes = Always Free
Consultations up 25 minutes to 60 minutes = $37
Consultations 60 minutes – 1hour 15 minutes = $67.00
1st Work-Up/Credit Analysis fee Single = $127.00 Couple = $187.00- *If enrolled, these funds can apply to your monthly invoiced balances*

Service 2

“Credit-Invisibles” This program is designed for the 1st-Time Credit Building (for adults or teens) known by us as the “Credit Invisibles”. The first-time credit building program can help you build excellent credit by adopting responsible financial habits, obtaining a credit card and using it wisely. Surely, we can all agree that it’s highly beneficial to start financial literacy early. In brief, we will coach teens into a successful and responsible financial arena in order to kick-start their process of getting approved for credit. In the financial world, in order to receive primary or Tier 1 financing rates, some requirements of lenders are for applicants to have a combination of healthy and lengthy credit profiles. These factors often equal high credit scores and our programs prepare you to meet these requirements.

Service 3

“Credit FIY”

(F.I.Y.-Fix-it-Yourself) The “take matters into my own hands” type of person, this package is for you. Since you can take charge, we will give you all the tools and support to pull yourself up from credit disparaging, so you can handle the credit restoration process  yourself. We offer a complete F.I.Y package for you to utilize in the process from start to finish.

Service 4

“Credit Touch-Up”

In this package, we will vigorously analysis your credit report to determine if there’s room for improvements to your existing credit status (if needed). In this case, we will point out what factors are weighing down your credit scores; in comparison, show you which factors are beneficial to your score. Overall, we will research the following areas and provide pointers for you to use; in efforts, gain points and maximize the credit score formula to its fullest potential.

Service 5

“Business Credit Building & Funding”

One thing for sure, it’s levels to building business credit and funding; so it must be done strategically to obtain the maximum desired results. Business credit is unlike personal credit building; due to the fact, that it takes much less time to populate scores. Our robust program can assist in accurately setting up your business profile from start to finish; ensuring that it meet lenders and vendors preliminary underwriting requirements. Additionally, we are known to take businesses credit profiles from 0 to 100 really quick, usually well under 90 days(factoring in the time each vendor may take to report on various business credit bureaus). LET’S LEVEL IT UP….start now.

Service 6

“P.O.P.” = Pay-On-Performance

Our Pay-On-Performance payment option means we will not charge fees in advance on the credit corrections cycles; instead, you will be invoiced on the prior month work after your case has been fully processed. Thereafter, we will invoice you on the deletion or corrections fees (2) two days after you receive your investigation results (Unless you inform us to process your payments sooner). If all dispute cycles result amounts are significant {meaning a huge number of items are deleted or corrected}; then, we will finance (on an invoice) your balance equally divided over affordable monthly installments; which are not expected to exceed $150 per month. Extension plans are an option or good-will gesture for up to (12) twelve months, yet we will require an extension request in writing and with any additional payments.

Service 7

“Project L.E.A.P.” -Let Everyone Acquire Prosperity

An old wise quote stated, “Adversity scatters smiles while prosperity gathers them”. William Scott Downey So we want to lift up our community by offering product and support that will bring smiles in the midst of financial adversity. With you in mind, we are offering our credit enrichment services to you as a “good – will gift”. There is an application process you will be required to complete.

{To share the fruits of our labor by service} Our mission is to connect with you and assist like-minded, strong-willed individuals prosper and acquire prosperity; which will pass through in the form of financial empowerment, top-notch educational opportunities and monetary gain.

Service 8

Consumer Specialty Credit Reports

These are all other consumer reports collected and use in various forms such as medical records, rental/tenant, obtaining financial bank accounts, check writing, employment history and insurance claims. There is a list of over 40 companies and multiple reports which as used in connection to determine your credibility and credit worthiness.

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