John C. Heath, Attorney at Law LLC
On August 12, 2015 John C. Heath, Attorney at Law, LLC DBA Lexington Law Firm, Lexington Law of Maryland entered into a settlement agreement with the Maryland Commissioner of Financial Regulation. The Assurance settles allegations that the business engaged in credit repair activities without all entities and individuals and all location being properly licensed, collected money from consumers based on their credit repair contracts without holding the requisite licenses, collected money, including up-front and/or set-up fees, as well as monthly payments, from all their Maryland consumer customers prior to rendering “full and complete performance of the services” that Respondents were required to perform under their credit repair contracts, violated the MCSBA by failing to provide the requisite information statements to Maryland consumers before entering into credit repair contracts with those consumers, they failed to provide a complete and detailed description of services including the total of all payments to be made by the consumer for services, and all of Respondents’ contracts with Maryland consumers failed to include requisite contract terms required including services to be performed and results to be achieved by the credit services business for or on behalf of the consumer. Under terms of the Assurance, the business agreed to pay a monetary civil penalty of $300,000 as well as resolve all outstanding issues, including all issues relating to the Commissioner’s allegations of prior violations of Maryland law by the Respondents. The Assurance was for settlement purposes only and should not be considered as an admission of guilt or finding of violation of the law. For more details go to

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