Credit By Creations operates legally under heavy ethical standards and we’re certified, insured and licensed in Northern Mississippi. Also, we’re hand-vetted, heavily accoladed and we’re always updated with educational ventures for the industry. Our company aims to share your adverse credit burden and debt distress; in order to, lighten the load for you to move forward into a prosperous financial future. We understand that your adverse credit reports are problematic for you. This may be so especially if you’ve recently got a poor ranking, you can be denied many benefits from a simple bank loan or even more complex and necessities loans such as a car and house. Therefore, we step into the financial coach mode to educate you on various consumer protection laws and how to apply them to recreate your new financial pathway. As a result, changing old useless financial habits will greatly enable you to eliminate the disparity of stress and save you from the “credit plagued” troubles.

Our Accolades, Accreditations & Associations

ECRA-Ethical Credit Repair Alliance

IAPDA-International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators

ACA-Administrative Consultants Association

AFSLR-Association for Student Loan Relief


Our storyline is factual and simple. Truth be told, several of our team members can attest that they all had a serious mismanaged debt situation and they used to be in “debt prison”.  For some of us, our immature decision making, poor money management, and unnecessary spending lead to distressed credit files. Often times, we felt ashamed and could not talk about our “debt sentence”. Lack of knowledge was not an excuse we could claim nor did any of us have anyone to blame. Again, there was not anyone to blame, only ourselves, so we developed a hunger for change to undo the negative we created. Here at Credit by Creations, we took the second chance and revived our financial lives by restoring and maintaining our credit scores; additionally, amped up our knowledge of financial literacy. Since we were fortunate to turn our credit failures into credit victories, surely, we want to “Pay It Forward” and help you get similar results.


  • Resiliency 70%
  • Impassionate for the Credit, Debt, Financial and Legal Industry 90%
  • Top Priority to Positively Help Change the Credit Industry 80%
  • Client Focus and Intercommunicating 100%

I think you need to hear this! Read what he said, she said... everyone is saying.

“Charge-offs from medical bills and a bankruptcy due to health issues had ruined my credit. It was impossible for me to qualify for even the worst credit cards, and I had a lot of difficulties getting back on my feet. Credit By Creations LLC helped me turn things around and stopped the debt collectors from listing and relisting old debts. Awesome work!” –


“I decided to work on my credit report because my goal is to buy a house. I was on an online conference with Ms. Mary discussing how to remove the negative reports from my credit report. Then, I was introduced to Mrs. Sharon and wow; did she sounded highly educated and so convincing I decided to enroll instantly. I received samples of the letters within 10 mins from enrollment. I had 8 negative items on my report, but when I sent out those letters the credit bureaus delete 5. I’m currently working on getting the other 3 removed with letter #2. Their tailored-specific letter works. Can’t wait until the other 3 are removed so I can work on finally buying my house and refinancing my car. And take those dream vacations like I always wanted. Thank you!!” — Sandra

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